All About Amnesia, What are the 4 types of amnesia

All About Amnesia

  • What are the 4 types of amnesia?
  • What are 3 causes of amnesia?
  • What are 4 symptoms of amnesia?
  • What are some causes of amnesia?

Amnesia is a disorder of the brain that affects the remembering aspect of one memory. It is caused by severe head injury or thru intake of toxic substance that affects the brain. Though the disease can also impact those who suffer from paralysis or heart stroke. Those who suffer from Amnesia have a tough time remembering previously learned information such as their name or language.

types of amnesia

Amnesia victims never remember their past or anything associated with it such as people, places,s, etc. They are often seemed to be feeling confused or disoriented. This disease unlike Alzheimer can occur at any age. And thus can lead to a partial or full Amnesia disorder. In a few cases, patients are never left unsupervised too as they may harm themselves. If the person remembers recent events then it is partial amnesia. The recovery process involves remembering the previous or past memory before the most recent memories.

Another factor that is very important to the disease amnesia psychology besides partial and full is the term Amnesia whether it is temporary or permanent.

Support from caregivers is very important for a person suffering from Amnesia references from the past can help them recover soon But if those references are disturbing to them then one should restrain from discussing them in their presence. Generally, such cases are people who have been thru some kind of mental shock or agony. Such as accident victims, trauma patients, or those who had to deal with the sudden death of someone close.

Another form of Amnesia is psychological Amnesia where someone takes on a new life for a few months or days and once the anxiety-induced amnesia attack is over no memory remains of thhow to get amnesia on purpose at period. Most amnesic patients recover on their own not requiring much medical interference. Change in work and activity can bring along a good change along with family therapy. Hypnosis also acts as a great tool to bring back the memory of the patient. Amnesia patients not only lose their memory but also the ability to generate any memory in the time span of the disease.

Stress is a major cause of concern for today’s generation. Life is so fast-paced that it calls for a halt to think for oneself. We have so many things to worry about in today’s world and remembering things forms a major part of our life today. Be it electricity bill payment or client appointment. As the value of time has gained importance so has got work done on time. Every retrograde amnesia day in our life we are faced with so many deadlines that we are stressed out completely by the end of the day. We seldom have time to meditate, exercise, and engage ourselves in light activities such as games or clubbing The more our life is technologically influenced the more we are running into the danger of acquiring one or more neurological disorders. In order to wade thru the stress that we face in our day-to-day life, we must follow a healthy diet pattern along with adequate physical exercise and supplement intake.

In earlier times the work timings were fixed and there were limited resources of available technologies that makes us sit like couch potatoes. People would interact and share amnesia vs dementia their problems and worries which would act as a stress buster. Hence fewer people suffered from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Amnesia. But now all these sufferings are becoming evident as we barely lay emphasis on improving our lifestyle and switching to a more relaxed life.

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